MOBO Cap Collaboration

Published : November 03, 2015

A warm welcome is being given to the MOBO awards being hosted in Leeds with a flat cap! Yorkshire Textiles in collaboration with Kempadoo Millar have created a limited edition cap to celebrate the event.

Using a unique ‘eco’ British wool yarn created in Yorkshire by Laxtons of Guiseley, with the bespoke cloth woven on vintage looms, the caps are given silk peak linings in orange or jade. In either sapphire blue or recreated Burton ‘de mob’ suit weave, these are head-turning designs that give the nod to Yorkshire’s textile heritage.

Some of the world’s best dressed are fans of the Kempadoo Millar caps – from the actor Idris Elba, who wore a bespoke design at the red-carpet premiere of The Gunman, to Lord Harewood here in Yorkshire. Yorkshire’s iconic headwear clearly has international appeal.

“I have many clients in the music business, so it was ideal to work with Yorkshire Textiles and Armley Mills to produce something truly Yorkshire to honour the MOBO awards in Leeds,” said designer Rhian Kempadoo Millar. “I always use Yorkshire made cloth for my caps, but to have a limited edition cloth made on vintage looms at Armley Mills Leeds Industrial Museum makes these all the more special.”

Suzy Shepherd of Yorkshire Textiles, who worked closely with Armley Mills to produce the eco Yorkshire cloth, said, “It is a pleasure to work with a designer like Rhian. Her fashion forward designs appeal to everyone and the caps we commissioned are already creating plenty of interest.

“Yorkshire Textiles and Armley Mills are collaborating with several other designers and craftspeople to create other limited edition items, all featuring the Armley Weave cloth. It’s inspiring to work with creative and talented people like Rhian. Combining the region’s skills to produce a finished product that couldn’t be made anywhere but here in Yorkshire is very exciting.”

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The Yorkshire Textiles umbrella was initiated by Leeds Fashion Works, whose founder members are :-

Suzy Shepherd

  • Fashion, Retail & Marketing Adviser

Carolyn Lord

  • Project Facilitator
  • Solicitor
  • Governor of Leeds Trinity University

 Paul Forbes OBE

  • Educational Consultant

Andew Homer

  • Accountant

It is the imbued excellence, the quality of the products and specialist skills that have led to the utilisation of Yorkshire Textiles by global brands. The sector in the Leeds City Region can build further on the connections between Yorkshire Textiles and internationally renowned fashion houses.

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