Burberry comes to town

The iconic British company that kitted out Roald Amundsen and Ernest Shackleton plans to open a £50m weaving facility in Leeds so that it can treble production of its world-famous trench coats.

Staff from the two existing production centres in Castleford and Cross Hills will relocate to the new site when it opens in 2019, and 200 new jobs will be created.

“I am delighted to announce that the next chapter of Burberry’s manufacturing story will be right here in Yorkshire,” said the company’s chief creative and chief executive officer Christopher Bailey. “Burberry is a proudly British brand and we are so excited that our plan for a new site in South Bank, Leeds, means that we will continue to produce our most iconic product – the trench coat – in this wonderful part of the country for many years to come.”

Suzy Shepherd of Yorkshire Textiles said, “Burberry is an inspiration for all involved in fashion and textiles. We warmly welcome the news that they are going to expand their investment in the home of the world's most sought after woollen textiles."